Printed Fabrics

We print on woven and knitted fabrics for sewing.

Digital printing on decorative fabrics is gaining more and more popularity in the field of interior design and as advertising material or dedicated for events and special events. Our individually printed knitwear allows you to create beautiful, personalized decorations, opening up vast opportunities for designers, creative boutiques and end customers.

In our articles, we will take a closer look at this fascinating process and consider why digital printing on decorative fabrics is the future of interior design and fashion.

Customised material printed by running metres.

One of the most important aspects of digital printing on decorative fabrics is the ability to personalize. Customers can now order fabrics with their own designs, which opens the door to interior design and decorative fabrics that truly reflect their style and personality. 

It is the perfect solution for those who are looking for unique decorations for their home or want to stand out against the background of standard solutions.

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Why digital printing on knitted fabrics?

The traditional printing process on fabrics is limited in the range of possible colours, designs and intricate details. Digital printing on decorative fabrics eliminates these limitations. It allows you to print almost any pattern in any number of colours, offering designers a wide range of options.

Exceptional quality and durability.

Digital printing on decorative fabrics is characterized by excellent quality and durability. The designs are fade-resistant and the colours retain their intensity even after many washes. This means that decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloths and deorations made of such fabrics will look beautiful for many years.

Eco attitude and sustainable production.

Digital printing on decorative fabrics is also more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. This process requires minimal water consumption and reduces waste. The dyes used during printing are odourless and do not emit volatile compounds. In addition, digital printing is the production of fabrics to order, which eliminates overproduction and thus takes into account constantly changing trends.

Printed fabrics for a variety of applications.

Digital fabric printing technology is available for more than one type of material. We can successfully use it on cotton, silk, linen, polyester and many other materials. This means that designers have complete freedom in choosing fabrics for their designs.

Your own designed fabrics.

Printing personalized fabrics is an opportunity to express yourself and create unique fabrics.

Whether you are an artist, a fashion designer, or simply want to give your designs a personal touch, custom fabric printing gives you unlimited opportunities to express your creativity.

Custom choice of dimensions and graphic themes.

One of the biggest advantages of personalized fabric printing is the individual approach to your needs. Now you can see your designs "alive" on the fabric.

It is the perfect solution for small businesses as well as for creative boutiques or local brands that want to express their unique character.

Printed fabrics for individual creators.

Individuals, artists or small businesses do not have to fear minimum orders. The printing of personalized fabrics imposes no restrictions on quantity. You will order exactly as much as you need, avoiding waste of material.

Print your dreams.

Are you looking for advertising fabrics, interior decoration materials, or maybe printed materials for industry? Now you can customize the sizes and designs to your own needs. The printing of personalized fabrics gives you complete freedom of choice, which you will not find in finished products.

Your unique creativity printed on material.

Printing on fabrics is currently one of the most popular and innovative ways to express yourself and promote your business. 

Personalised fabric printing allows you to create unique patterns and designs that reflect your individuality and passion.

DECOFABRIX it's digital printing of individual fabrics.

DECOFABRIX is an individual textile printing company that offers cooperation for creative boutiques, emerging businesses as well as companies with an established position in the textile market. Our offer is flexible and tailored to the needs of different clients.

Solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

The printing of personalized fabrics offers many benefits also for entrepreneurs:

Flexible Offer For Business: Whether you run a decoration store, event agency, hotel or restaurant, the availability of custom fabrics will allow you to stand out on the market.

Wholesale Discounts: By ordering larger quantities, you can count on attractive wholesale discounts, which will reduce production costs and increase the profitability of your business.

Competitive Turnaround Time: In today’s realities, turnaround time is crucial. Personalised fabric printing is a short lead time, which means you can deliver your printed materials even faster.

Print knitted fabrics with a sustainable impact on the environment.

If you care about ecology, it is worth knowing that at DECOFABRIX we focus on sustainable production. When printing our individual fabrics, we use technology with negligible water consumption, minimizing the amount of waste generated. Our fabrics do not contain PVC and can be recycled.